Current Offer - Buy 4 Bars and Get the 5th One FREE! - Use Code FREESOAP

Exclusive Welcome Offer

Exclusive Welcome Offer

Sample Pack Includes:


  • (1) 5 oz Black Steel Bar Soap - Short Description



  • (1) 5 oz Michigan Winter Castile Bar Soap - Short Description



Click the image for more details.

2-Bar Pack Pre-Order Sampler

You NEED to try my products to believe how awesome they are.


You get TWO full-size bars of soap for the price of one! 

Be first in line when the next batch is ready to ship.

Experience handcrafted quality and try it before you buy it.


This exclusive add-on SHIPS FOR FREE!

ONLY $7.99 + Free Shipping 

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Majority of items are made by hand in Michigan, USA.

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